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        Company profile

        The company is located in the hi tech Park Golf Road Fuyang economic and Technological Development Zone No. 201, founded in 1999, is a focus on the production and development of automobile electric appliance company, currently has developed more than 200 kinds of products, such as new energy vehicle charger AC/DC, DC/DC power converter, electric, automatic air conditioning controller etc.. The company has a team of 500 people for more than 60 Hengtai struggle, professional R & D engineer. Business scope has covered cars, trucks, buses and other automotive electronic products, has now given many well-known OEMs and air-conditioning manufacturers direct supply. Enterprises and in 2002 has successfully passed the ISO/TS16949 quality system certification.

        • 2016

          To provide efficient Jiexin Denso development, high power density, high intelligence, high reliability of the new energy automotive power solutions, automotive power products cover dc/ DC converter, the new energy automotive vehicle charger, charging station (pile) to complete the car 1.5kwdc/ DC development

        • 2014

          Sign 3008 automatic controller software through the French PSA expert audit

        • 2013

          Into the mass procurement system, and began to intervene in new energy AC/DC, DC/DC business

        • 2011

          Behr France to develop X07 air conditioning controller become Benz Reynolds two suppliers

        • 2010

          Development for Chery BCM

        • 2008

          Behr entered the global procurement system moved to a new factory

        • 2005

          Through the TS16949 certification

        • 2004

          Development of D310 control panel for DBTS

        • 2002

          Enter mass production stage through ISO9001 certification

        • 2000

          As Jiexin Denso development of A/C control system

        • 1999


        Company honor

        • Design patent
        • Utility model patent
        • Excellent supplier
        • Quality Improvement Award
        • Certificate of honor
        • Excellent supplier
        • Excellent supplier
        • Excellent supplier
        • Excellent supplier
        • Excellent supplier
        • Excellent supplier

        Cooperative partner

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