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        Winter car electrical maintenance knowledge

        2016-12-28 10:05:46


        Each of their own cars are love, especially in the winter, in the cold winter, the power consumption of the car is much larger than in other seasons, the following small for everyone to share in automotive electrical maintenance tips, I hope you love. Want to understand the small partners look down ~!
        In cold winter, cars consume much more electricity than other seasons. In the winter before the arrival of the car battery to care, so as not to worry when playing fire. If the battery is not free of maintenance if the time has been used, the battery should be sent to the repair shop for a thorough charge to keep the battery good working condition. General battery life is two to three years. If it is close to the service life of the vehicle, especially the automatic models ahead of the best replacement, to prevent the villain.
        The above is today Xiaobian for everyone to bring winter automotive electrical maintenance of small knowledge, I hope you like.

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