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        What does the car do not meet for a long time?

        2016-12-28 10:06:09


        Car long time will not have a problem? If the car for a long time should not how to maintain it?
        When love is not long time running, perhaps because the vehicle has been affected by environment or unused due to long-term and the parts of a car condition is abnormal, resulting in the loss of the original technical performance.
        Battery will not have no electricity?
        First said the battery is not power problem. In fact, long time to park the biggest problem is the battery discharge. A complete battery discharge will dramatically decrease battery life, I have a friend's car parked longer because the individual battery fully discharge (bipolar voltage below 6 volts to excessive discharge), take power after the start, almost every morning to take power, after testing, the battery has been unable to charge, must be scrapped.
        But the problem is, stop a month battery will no electricity? The answer is different from the car.
        With personal experience, because winter is basically a month, most of my friends did not find someone to help take care of the car, directly to the car parked in the garage or parking lot is done. A month or so after coming back, relaxed car. There was a classmate of the 2006 Volkswagen Touareg (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) in the garage parking for two months, once again successfully a car ignition. However, mentioned above, some friends parked a week on the car battery over discharge. Why?
        Silent mode and stealing current
        First of all, the car now, in lock the car after a period of time, a small part of electrical power is still working, but after a predetermined period of time, the vehicle electrical system will enter the "silent mode" (quiescentmode), less use of electrical appliances from the current storage battery lead. If the ground line measured by induction type ammeter in negative battery, car lock after (if there is no independent use of electrical appliances, such as various types of lamps, the current work) in general may reach more than 50 Ma, 100 Ma, and after entering the silent mode, the current generally at around 30 ma.
        What specific appliances will be shut down in silent mode is not described in detail, but in general, the alarm anti-theft system is using a separate power supply, storage vehicle important information such as VIN, fuel and other components is off the nonvolatile memory without loss of data, so most of the power supply body the control module, drive small sensors and other components, power consumption is very limited. In my car as an example, the battery storage capacity is 170 minutes, mean 25 amps, suitable voltage discharge can last for 170 minutes, in theory, the battery in the 25/0.03*170/60/24=98 days can be 25 amps, suitable voltage discharge.
        The reason why a considerable number of vehicles parked in a few weeks to a month or so after the normal start, mainly because the electrical system generated excessive internal theft current (draincurrent). The size of the current general with the stolen vehicle age growth and change, but there are some problems will lead to steal the current increase, such as air conditioning fan speed regulating resistance aging, or rear of the alternator rectifier diode breakdown. My personal experience is placed in a month or so, if the battery voltage is below 12 volts to 10 volts, and 11 volts, the normal aging and the general circuit; if the voltage is far below 10 volts, which belongs to the excessive discharge or even completely discharge, you need to check the current source of pirates.
        Discharge battery and charge
        It should be noted that the method of removing the battery or disconnecting the negative pole to save the battery power is not applicable to all vehicles. Even in silent mode, body control module also need battery powered vehicle, in addition to power may erase the radio, watch the user set information, may lead to serious air conditioning system failure, must be initialized with the specified by the manufacturer of computer.
        So here it is inevitable to discuss the electricity ride. The best way is to take power from the car battery charging, if the charge in the regular repair, maintenance personnel will use special power to the body control module for power supply, such as the use of OBD detection power socket. But from the car charging operation difficult, general or electric.
        Don't connect the cathode of the power supply! To connect the ground connection position away from the battery!
        Do not even power negative reason is old-fashioned semi open lead-acid batteries may produce hydrogen, connected to the spark generated when the cathode may cause explosion. But now the new battery has been basically eliminate the possibility of hydrogen to escape, not even the negative supply operation is not necessary, however, do not ride electric direct battery is still is the embodiment of professional maintenance personnel.
        Another argument is that even away from the battery ground position can reduce the negative error take the wire to contact the possibility of short circuit, it is also very reasonable. I used to use in time to help students ride electric one I'm not familiar with a wire (I use the energizer "ride electric treasure") when the mistake exposed too much exposure to the cathode clip fixing bolt of shock absorber, result is positive clip is burnt.
        In addition, if the battery voltage has dropped to below 10 volts, to ride electric cars don't attempt to idle for 10 minutes to let the battery charge to voltage for the next car can smooth the normal. Personal experience is to allow the engine speed to 2000 Rev per minute (battery charging voltage above 13.6 volts) charging for more than 20 minutes before they can "charge" a discharge to a battery of about 10 volts. If the battery

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