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        Please pay attention to regular maintenance

        2016-12-28 10:07:35


        6 early, southern Changchun Expressway Tunnel under the tunnel to the East and West tunnel in a car spontaneous combustion occurs. Meanwhile, the reporter finishing easily lead to spontaneous combustion of the three major reasons.
        1, engine room line failure
        Automotive circuit plays an extremely important task, and the automobile circuit fire occupies a large proportion in spontaneous combustion accident. The temperature of the engine is often less than 80 DEG C, moisture and dirt often on the line and components for erosion; friction and collision between components plus, easy to cause the circuit element aging, cracking, leakage, short circuit, causing the car ignition.
        2, the automobile circuit load is too high
        Vehicle circuit load is too high will cause the circuit fire and lead to spontaneous combustion. Today, the car gradually intelligent, car power consumption is also a substantial increase in the corresponding circuit components easily cause damage, thereby increasing the burden on the circuit, causing auto ignition.
        3, the car line aging crack damage
        Automotive line aging damage will lead to engine work, lack of power, fuel consumption increases, conductive efficiency is not high fault occurs.
        In order to avoid the occurrence of these problems, the reporter recommends that you use professional products, tools and norms of regular operation every six months on the automotive electrical circuit cleaning and maintenance. At the same time also need to repair the damaged line, activation of insulation aging, forming a protective film layer and very strong element on the surface of line insulation, improve electrical efficiency, reducing engine power output, fuel saving, to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

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